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Vespa and Lambretta Carburetor 42 Idle Pilot jet

Vespa and Lambretta Carburetor 42 Idle Pilot jet


Lambretta Li 125 Pilot Jet for SH1 Dellort Carb and Vespa Carburetor 45 idle / pilot jet for SHB 16.10/16.12/16.16
short type/

On the DELLORTO carburettors, the choice of the idle jet primarily affects the lower and middle rev range. If the scooter runs noisily on idling, this can be eliminated through the selection of an appropriate idle jet. The idle jets are available in a short and a long version depending on the model of carburettor. 

In contrast to the Dellorto SI carburettors, for the SHB Carb, the lower the grade number, the leaner the mix provided by this jet.

The size of the jets increases on the basis of one, three and five stages. Simply attach the corresponding size to part no 3360 and/or 3370.

MALOSSI B03360.042

DELLORTO 0336042 02
SIP 33604200


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