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Vespa Floor Mat for P Range 86090000

Vespa Floor Mat for P Range 86090000


 Black Floor Mat for the centre piece floor board for Vespa P80-150X/ PX80 200E  Lusso 1° P150S P200E

Order the matching decoration trims and screws for affixing.  

PIAGGIO 180052   219109

Alternate Term:  Centermat floor mat bridge center piece Floormat Floorboard rubbermat floor board center piece

This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA P125X 125 VNX1T 2T AC `77-`82
VESPA P150 S 150 VBX1T 2T AC `78-`90
VESPA P150X / PX150 E 150 VLX1T 2T AC `78-`85
VESPA P200E / PX200 E 200 VSX1T 2T AC `77-`83
VESPA P80 / P80 E (Frankreich) 80 V8A1T 2T AC `80-`84
VESPA P80X/PX80 E 80 V8X1T 2T AC `81-`83
VESPA PX100 E 100 VIX1T 2T AC `83-`84
VESPA PX125 E 125 VNX2T 2T AC `81-`83
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart 125 VNX2T 2T AC `83-`97 -> 200000

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