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Lambretta Complete Cable Set BGM PRO PTFE GREY  BGM6400N

Lambretta Complete Cable Set BGM PRO PTFE GREY BGM6400N


This is the NEW IMPROVED version of BGM complete cable sets with a pear shaped end on the clutch and front brake cable to allow for torsion in the cable at the handlebar levers.

This is a perfectly fitting GREY cable kit for your Lambretta series 2, 3 or GP.

This kit features the correct length of the outer and inner sleeves, outer cable with PE sleeve for smooth operation, and a detailed manual for installation.

The end sleeves are now double pressed and the inner cables are less susceptible to wear. The inner clutch cable and the front brake cable now have pear shaped ends and a nipple adapter. This feature ensures lower torsion on the cable at the lever end, and it helps to makes worn out clutch cables a thing of the past.

The following cables are included: Gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, throttle cable, additionally a long internal throttle cable for the use of larger carburettors, choke cable and soldering nipples to adjust the length for non-original carburettors.

Fitting instructions are supplied with each cable kit.
These cables are Teflon lined for smooth operation.
The speedometer cable is not included with this cable set.


How to route your new cable set on your Lambretta:

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