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Lambretta BGM Stator AC or DC for Electronic Ignition  BGM8040

Lambretta BGM Stator AC or DC for Electronic Ignition BGM8040


Stator Plate BGM PRO Stator HP V4.0 DC for Lambretta Electronic Ignition


TIP: This DC ignition can also be used as AC ignition at any time. For this purpose, connect the red / yellow cable to earth. The yellow cable must then be connected as a live cable to a conventional voltage regulator.

The all-new version 4.0  BGM 12v electronic ignition DC stator plate. The ultimate Lambretta stator plate to give the most power to run the lighting system on DC systems using a capacitor or battery.  To use this stator as a 12v DC you will need to use our new BGM DC Regulator / Rectifier or any single phase rectifiers (Wassell / Podtronics).

Stator plate wire connections:   
Both Yellows connect to either Yellow on the rectifier
Black goes to ground
Red to Red on coil
White to White on coil
Green to Green on coil

  • Improved power output for better lights
  • Well proved low tension coil with copper for maximum reliability
  • Pickup with a carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition signal
  • BGM branded pickup
  • Black and grey cable cover delivered on Lambretta stator plate
  • Sufficient cable length for individual cable routing
  • High quality light coils
  • Clean solder joints
  • Re tooled and reinforced base plate providing greater strength
  • Enlarged slots for greater timing adjust ability
  • Greater pickup height adjustment with provided 0.5mm shims
  • Standard grey sleeve with optional black sleeve included

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