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Head Light Bulb BA20d 12V 35/35W Halogen

Head Light Bulb BA20d 12V 35/35W Halogen


Headlight bulb BA20d 12V 35/35W halogen in clear white

Headlight bulbs with the two common socket types BA20d for long distance and low beam and the P26s for the scooters that have only low beam. Bulb sockets may vary from model to model. Measure the diameter of your old bulb socket to make sure that you order the correct one!

Halogen bulbs provide a very bright light. The light output is by 34-45% higher. Switching between the high and low beam is much faster than with a normal original bulb.

Due to the higher temperature of the halogen bulb it is recommended to use a headlight with a diffusion disk.

INNOCENTI 87652525 15080003


SIP 57550000

 Head Light Lamp Main Hi High Lo Low Beam Lampanida Ampoule Lampe bulps bulbs bulp

S1X3 S2X28 S3XI29




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