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Lambretta Electronic Ignition Coil Pack Kit by MB - Scootronics

Lambretta Electronic Ignition Coil Pack Kit by MB - Scootronics


Lambretta Electronic ignition pack kit (coil, CDI, brackets, mini loom) by MB-Scootronics

This kit will improve Lambretta ignitions, 6 volt or 12 volt AC or DC, whatever make they are.

The kits comes complete with:
Separate electronic coil
Separate Electronic CDI
Separate Electronic CDI mini wiring loom
Stainless steel Left hand series 3 frame mounting bracket by MB
Stainless steel series 3 Right frame mounting brackets MB bolts directly to MB electronic mounting brackets, or any copies, or can be bolted direct to the frame
HT lead
Rubber NGL HT cap
Rubber mountings for CDI and Right hand bracket 

Advantages are:

Better easier starting at lower speeds
Better clean burn from very low revs
Better constant tickover speeds
Up to 3 degrees advance/retard
On some engines up to 5% more power spread

Works from 6volt DC, 12volt AC, 12volt DC with or without battery, 12volt half wave trickle charge regulators and rectifiers.  Can be used on any engine using 6volt or 12volt ignitions AC or DC.

TIPS - set up your standard internal low tension coil and pick up box and Vespa type CDI for normal running, disconnect and unscrew the Vespa CDI coil and keep it in your toolbox as a back up spare (tape up the Red/White/Green wires that have been pulled out of the CDI coil so no sparks occur near the petrol tank area under the frame and reconnect if anything goes wrong with the new CDI pack.  Set up the new CDI pack as per instructions and use as your main electronic coil. Link for Wiring diagram.  

This is a link to explain how this CDI system works.







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