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Lambretta Front Fork Damper Shock Absorber Upper Mount   BGM7650N

Lambretta Front Fork Damper Shock Absorber Upper Mount BGM7650N


These BLACK CNC machined clip on upper damper mounts from BGM are an alternative to the weld on mounts. The brackets will suit dampers with a width of 14mm to 18mm (examples are Casa, ScootRS, BGM and will fit all Lambretta Series 1-3 and DL/GP standard forks.
Sold as a pair.


Information for mounting:

Fork links with damper mounts or clip on lower damper mounts and of course a pair of dampers will be required.
The distance between the mounting points (center-center) should be 218 to 220mm (eye to eye)

Align the damper parallel to the direction of travel ( the fork leg when viewing from the back. Use care as oblique mounting can push the silent block rubber sideways and out of its guide.

The screws are secured by means of an arched spring washer under the screw head. Ensure that both parts are installed in parallel, and tighten the upper and lower mount hardware with a torque of 12 - 14Nm.

Depending on the width of the damper, spacers (supplied) may be required to bridge any gap where the dampers secure to the mount.

For dampers with widths of 14.16 to 18mm:
14mm: Casa Lambretta / FA Italia (+ 2 washers)
16mm: BGM (+1 disc)
18mm: ScootRS (0 discs)

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