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Lambretta Tubeless Rim by  SIP    81035000

Lambretta Tubeless Rim by SIP 81035000


Lambretta Rim Tubeless SIP for Lambretta 125-200ccm     
2.10 Ø 10"    
valve pre-mounted    
KBA 50164



The SIP rim combines the advantages of a classic cast rim with high manufacturing precision and quality. It is designed as a tubeless double hump rim. This hump prevents the tyre from sliding into the rim bed in case of air loss. Exact concentricity is just as self-evident as a perfect surface finish. The valve is pre-mounted in the rim.

  • Chrome rims with TÜV approval
  • Increased safety because tubeless
  • Also available with pre-mounted tyre

2.10-10 is the ideal rim size for standard tyres. All tyres from 3.00 to 3.50-10 fit on this rim. In the current version, the valve is screwed directly into the rim for even better serviceability. In order to be able to guarantee optimal mounting, the stud bolts of the brake drums must be exchanged. Longer stud bolts are supplied.


Chrome rims with TÜV approval? They have not been available so far. One inspector is only interested in the correct rim size, the other fears structural changes or the risk of corrosion in case of cracks. In order to shed light on this "grey area", we have subjected SIP tubeless rims in chrome design to further strength, material and corrosion tests and have also achieved General Type Approval (ABE) for these.


SIP has been successfully verified by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and is thus officially authorised to manufacture vehicle components. SIP has obtained the General Type Approval (ABE) for the rim SIP 8103. Therefore, since 05/2015, the rims bear the type mark KBA 50164 and can thus be legally used in German road traffic. The chrome version has also been supplied with a KBA number since 04/2019.



The clearance to add-on and engine parts should be checked before commissioning. Many tubetype (TT) tyres may also be used as tubeless (TL) tyres. Mounting should be carried out by a specialist company, carefully and without damage (mounting irons and a suitable mounting surface are strongly recommended). Do not damage the surface under any circumstances! Tyres should only be mounted with the tyre mounting paste intended for this purpose. Never use oil or other lubricants, otherwise the tyre will lose its secure fit during operation! If you fear mounting problems, you can also order the rim with a pre-mounted SIP Perfomer tyre.

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