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Lambretta Uprated Clutch Springs   MRB0505

Lambretta Uprated Clutch Springs MRB0505


 These are the ultimate Lambretta uprated clutch springs for standard or tuned scooters designed by Mark Broadhurst.
These fit ALL 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 plate clutch conversions.  These are easy to pull and exert enough pressure to cure clutch slip on the most powerfull 40hp engines. 

In order to aid clutch lever action, always use a nylon cable, route it correctly with no tight bends, and use a MB Scooters clutch lever.  

Warning: ALL clutch springs will go coil bound over time, especially plated springs. If you are changing the clutch plates, you should change the springs. Never re use old springs.



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