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ScooterNova Issue 2 Magazine

ScooterNova Issue 2 Magazine


ScooterNova Issue 2 This is at new A4-sized magazine by Andy Gillard and Stuart Lanning.

About the ScooterNova

ScooterNova is about things that interest us. As you'd expect that will mostly be scooters, but don't be surprised to see other things here too from time to time.

As many will know, this started as a blog some years ago, but we launched as a brand new, real paper scooter magazine in April 2017!

The ScooterNova enthusiasts have owned and ridden scooters since 16 without any breaks, proud to own Vespas and Lambrettas, from the young (1998) to the old (1952) all geared, all made of metal and all 2-stroke.

We like old school but appreciate the modern, everything has its place. History is not just in the past but it's being made every day.

ScooterNova is about the scooters and the riders. Man, woman and machine, in some kind of harmony. Yes it's mainly metal-bodied, geared 2-strokes, but there are plenty of others out there from over the decades that are just as interesting, if not more so. We like them all.

ScooterNova is written by genuine enthusiasts who ride their scooters, wear the kit and test everything from exhausts to wheel rims, luggage to jackets, simply by virtue of the fact we love riding our scooters as often as possible.

We are scooterists with a passion, the same passion you have, for the open road.

ScooterNova is for scooterists, by scooterists.

It's about the scooters, the rider, the journey, your next destination.

You can read more about this new magazine here.

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