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Lambretta Clutch Compressor Tool   MRB0150K

Lambretta Clutch Compressor Tool   MRB0150K


This is an MB Lambretta clutch compressing tool.

Designed to safely compress the clutch while you change the clutch plates.

It mounts across 2 studs on the crankcase side, and it lines up perfectly central to the clutch (it only fits one way otherwise the tool is off set).

It can be used with the engine in the scooter or on its side on a bench.

Two T handles screw down on to the studs, and a T handle in the middle compress the clutch.

This tool is slightly redesigned with more precision to stop it moving around under load. 

It is designed so you can unscrew 2 screws to take it apart and put in a bag so it easily fits in a tool box or tool roll. 

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