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WORX All Natural Hand Cleaner - 6 oz. Bottle

WORX All Natural Hand Cleaner - 6 oz. Bottle


WORX All-Natural Hand Cleaner is the original environmentally-certified industrial hand cleaner, and it remains an industry leader due to its superior cleaning power, safety on hands and on the environment, and superior value when compared against other products. Powerful cleaning. SkinPROTECT Technology to keep your hands healthy and soft. Environmental responsibility. Plus, our customers save up to 40% per year on their hand cleaner expenses.

Everything you need to know about it is in the name: All-Natural. Hand Cleaner. And is it effective? Well...

We call it WORX... Because it does.

What is "SkinPROTECT Technology"?
WORX Environmental Products knows that industrial cleaning products can be very tough on the skin. All of our products are formulated to be safer on your hands than our competition, while still maintaining exceptional cleaning power. This fundamental aspect of our products is known as SkinPROTECT Technology. Customers shouldn't have to sacrifice skin or hand safety to use a powerful product.

This products MSDS is here.

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